Monday, June 28, 2010

"Inspired" by Myung Mi Kim's Penury

I usually hate the word "inspired" when it comes to talking about poetry. I tend to think of writing as less of what happens after I'm inspired and more of what happens when I decide to engage in some intense work. Bryan and I were just talking about this today, actually, when I told him I'd decided to start putting in some hours in terms of writing more, much more. Writing takes time, practice and patience. I know that reading always helps me write better, so I brought Robert Hass's new book with me, as well as Myung Mi Kim's Penury. I ended up reading all of Penury and just taking short breaks to write a bit.

I seem to always write more effectively after reading Kim's work or listening to her read. I think it's related to the space that she leaves for her reader. As I read her work, it's as if she's carving out little windows and doors in my brain and inviting me to take a breath of fresh air, look at my surroundings from different viewpoints, and notice what is right in front of me but what I keep forgetting is there.

So, here I go, off to try some more writing.