Sunday, February 07, 2010

Awaiting Robert Hass's The Apple Trees at Olema: New and Selected Poems (from Ecco)

Taking a break from grading homework and preparing for classes this week, I politely scooted a man out of my way, so I could snatch up the latest Poetry at B and N. I have really enjoyed the shift in leadership at Poetry and have been deciding on some poems to try sending in to them.

The profound delight, awe, and ecstatic anticipation that came over me when I saw Robert Hass's name in the Table of Contents shocked me. At the same time, I very quickly remembered all the crazy happiness I had felt when Sun Under Wood had come out--this is after I had already become a fan, I think at the suggestion of one of my favorite teachers at UC Santa Cruz, Chuck Atkinson. Reading Hass's poem in Poetry made me remember some of the rhythms in Sun Under Wood. Some of the repetition made me think of... I can't think of the title of the poem now, but it's the one with the arum leaves in it, and the ringing and the singing.

Hass's bio says his new book is coming out in March. I can't wait.