Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Standing here because it's fun

"Watch out for the circle," I told the man who had the front part of his shoe on the non-rotating part of the Green Line train and the back part on the rotating part.

"Oh," he said, looking down and moving his foot. "Thanks." Then, addressing his wife, he explained how the circle does not turn when the train turns.

I smiled at them and said, "I'm just standing here for fun." I know this sounds like an Ah...Sigh... moment, but why not tell it anyway? I just started thinking about how I'm glad I still do things just because they're fun. Like making up songs about driving in the car while driving in the car or eating the latest in candy inventions (like Sweet Tarts from a tube), little activities that serve no other purpose than to bring some joy into some part of my mind or body are important to me. I was a little afraid when I turned 30, because it seemed so serious, compared to being in one's 20's. But, 30 is looking pretty good to me so far.