Monday, December 05, 2005

Small, but it flies.

Janeway Explains It All
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Well, at least Captain Janeway thinks it does, after reading its name: DELTA MINI. But the truth is that it doesn't fly, it doesn't resemble the original Delta Flyer, but it's a good little place to relax while the humans get settled into their new abode.

Bunnies Are Patient

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It's true, at least for my bunnies. Captain Janeway and Chakotay waited patiently as I put together a new fun home for them.

First Snow 2006

First Snow 2006
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Here is a pretty sight, right in front of our place.

First Snow 2006

Snowy trees
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It snowed all day yesterday here in Massachusetts. I took this picture this morning.

Friday, December 02, 2005

New New New!

1. I like blue.
2. My book came out in October :)
3. Amber says I should write on my blog that I'm going to send them a poem before our next writing group to ensure that I'll actually do it.
4. Wild turkeys hung out near our apartment, until a week before Thanksgiving.
5. Hi. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. Sorry I've been gone so long.
6. I've been making books and thinking about family and the holidays.
7. I've been reading chapters of Bryan's novel and giving him feedback.
8. I keep dreaming of snow.

Coming soon: new pictures of the bunnies!