Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kundiman doesn't want me

I got rejected from Kundiman Asian American Poets' Retreat for the second year in a row. Many feelings: angry, indignant, hurt, misplaced, alienated, confused, cut-off, denied, alone... I've gotten rejected from literary journals and contests, but this is different. This is a conference whose name describes me, an Asian American Poet. And it's not as though I can just go and try to get into another Asian American Poet's retreat. This is it! This is the only one! Wah! :( I got the letter on Friday and I cried.

It's as if there was a retreat called, "Women Named Heather Who are Five Foot Two and a Half, Have Pet Rabbits Named After 'Star Trek: Voyager' Characters, and Who Once Accidentally Licked Frosty Paws (Dog Ice Cream) Off of Their Fingers," and I was rejected. "But that's me," I'd protest. "That's me!"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Writing Group & Writing Regularly

Amber, Sharon and I have been doing our writing group regularly again, after a hiatus due to sickness, vacations, etc. Last night, we did an exercise called "In Multiple Frames" from the Virtual Poetry Workshop site. After using just about every interesting exercise we could find from poetry books, the web, and our creative little minds, the Virtual Poetry Workshop seems to be the best place to find new ways of creating poems.

Something I realized a few nights ago is that I have been writing a lot more than I'd thought. I think this is common for me--where I'll be complaining to a friend about how I haven't been writing, and when they ask me when the last time was that I wrote, I'll stumble a bit and then say, a few days ago. Tuesday night, I couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to get up and write. I opened a document that I thought was a poem I had started, only to find that I had actually gone pretty far with it; it was already in eight sections. I love it when this happens. So, I revised it that night and yesterday. Sharon and Amber will take a look at it and give me feedback next week.

My recent subject matters are emotionally draining and I've been pretty exhausted for the last week. Still, I'm glad I'm finally getting this stuff out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

CUE, Calyx, PW on order

I usually buy literary journals and mags one by one, but recently I've decided to actually subscribe. My choices:

CUE: A Journal of Prose Poetry, which is a relatively new journal out of Tucson, edited by Morgan Lucas Schuldt. I'm very excited about this one, because it looks like a unique addition to the journals that I've been seeing out for years.

Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, which I can't seem to find in Raleigh right now. I haven't looked at it for years, so I thought I'd try it out.

Poets & Writers Magazine, which I thought I'd subscribe to after realizing how many I had sitting on my bookshelves.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Room of My Own

My Poetry Books
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I never thought I would have a reason to say this, but I have a room of my own! Look! Bryan designed and built these shelves for my poetry books, criticism, anthologies, theory, and journals, as well as materials that inspire my writing. They match the Murphy desk that he finished a few months ago.

It is so comforting and inspiring to sit here with writings by all of the poets who inspire me... and my little friends that I placed on top of the shelves. :) Yippee!

My bookshelves and desk are done!

A Space of My Own
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Bryan finished building my bookshelves and Murphy desk (that can be folded down) recently. I can barely believe this is real. They're so beautiful!

Captain Janeway inspects the local vegetation

Don't worry: she's not eating the grass. She loves to smell everything and bound across the lawn behind our house. I've never seen her hop so joyfully and freely.

Captain Janeway goes on shore leave

Check it out! This is the Captain's favorite spot, right under this little evergreen near our house. One day, she didn't even wanted to hop around; she just stretched out and relaxed under the tree. Boring for me, but nice for her. Next time, I'll bring a book.