Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bunny Update #9: Large or X-Large?

I can barely believe it, but Captain Janeway took to the bunny harness and leash pretty quickly when I put it on her last Thursday. She looked pretty freaked out at first, but soon she was hopping around and investigating the living room. She even stopped, sat down, and cleaned herself a bit, which showed that she felt pretty relaxed. She also crawled under the couch and anchored herself there, as if to say, 'Okay, I found my spot and I'm not moving.' It reminded me of our Tucson days and how she loved kicking her feet out behind her and lying down under the couch.

We were able to go outside, but I held her the entire time. I just sat there and she sat in my lap and looked around. Then, she snuggled up into me, closed her eyes, and just took in the sun and slight breeze.

The only thing is that she needed a larger harness. I got her the Large size and, though it did fit, it only barely fit. I think that's going to be Chakotay's. Janeway needs an X-Large. But hey, she is also extra fluffy and extra beautiful.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poetry Exercise: Sijo

Tonight is writing group night with Sharon and Amber. Thanks to , we write together every week even though we are many, many miles apart.

Some of my blog readers were very excited about the last writing exercise I put up here, so I thought I'd post another one. This one is called the Sijo. It's a Korean form.

You can see some good examples here.
You can read a short definition on a non-annoyingly-busy website here.

We did this on-the-spot last Wednesday evening, which I'm sure is not how they were written centuries ago; but it's fun and it is a good exercise to get your mind thinking in new ways. I ended up writing about guinea pigs and hamsters.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Poet Self-Love

Saturday evening, Bryan and I went to a get together with the Lucipo gang. We had a lot of fun, got to get to know the local poets a bit better, and and got to see Ken and Kathryn's beautiful house in Pittsboro.

I took more than a few ideas away from the night. One is that UPenn does have an excellent sound site with a load of poetry to download and hear from the poets themselves. Tony Tost had emailed the Lucipos a linke, but I hadn't gone there yet. I spoke to him that night and he talked it up some more; so yesterday, I ended up downloading some Linh Dinh and Stacy Doris.

Another thing I took away from Saturday night is that I'm still a good poet. :) I guess it is kind of difficult writing by myself out here. Or, it has been difficult since grad school. When I'm not doing readings regularly, I think it's hard to remember that I can write poetry well and it's not just some fantasy I've been making up in my head all of these years. He he he. The Lucipos seemed quite moved by my work and I found that very encouraging. The last time I said I was going to Borders to write, I didn't, but today I am going to go out for sure.

The truth is that I should trust my writing group more. I have to remember that one time that made me feel so wonderful. It was about 6 months ago when I brought a new poem to my writing group with Sharon and Amber when I was so taken by what Sharon said. Although I can't remember her exact words, I do remember that she basically said that the poem completely sucked, was a big cliche, and that she couldn't believe I wrote it. He he he. I was so relieved. Suddenly, I thought, they really are telling me the truth when they critique my work. They really will tell me if they think one of my poems is horrible; so, I've got to believe them when they tell me one of my poems is wonderful. I know I shouldn't have doubted them in the first place, but it's always a struggle to really believe in myself.

I still love the poem, though.

On order: Equivalence and Unnecessary Roughness, by Shin Yu Pai. I'm mailing in my order for the first one today and have ordered the other over the internet. I am so excited!

And now for...
My American Idol Picks:
So, I didn't get to see Nikko Smith, because we took too long at the Winn-Dixie last night. From the recap, it seemed like he sounded great. His mustache really bothers me though. It makes him look like a slime.

Anwar Robinson was the best last night. He sang so well and stood out among the others.
Bo Bice: I didn't like the song he sang or the style, but I thought he sung it so well and with such spirit. I think he really knows what he does best and how to show it.
Honorable Mention: Joseph Murena has such great control over his voice. I think he really stood out last night, too.

Travis Tucker looked like too much of a player last night. Bryan and I both think that too many people told him he was hot. He was totally flat--probably too consumed with his "dance" moves. I think the judges were lying.
Constatine looked like a wannabe rocker. It was sad to watch. He was trying to do screechy rocker screams, and they just sounded like cars crashing. The hair just will not cut it this time.